Together Hostel

Floor 2-3, No.8 YouAnMenWai Street, Beijing

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Together Hostel


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(1) Bus Station
Distance to You An Men Station (Route #19, #48, #88, #377, #454, #474, and Special Route #17, Evening Route #11 and #12) is 170m, round 3 minutes walking there.
Distance to You An Men Wai Station (Route #19, #48, #88, #377, #454, #474, and Special Route #17, Evening Route #11 and #12) is 300m, round 4 minutes walking there.
Distance to You An Men West Station (Route #59, #84, #122, #395, #458, #474, #692, #717, #958, #997 and Special Route #12 Internal, Special Route #12 External, Special Route #17 and #3, Evening Route #4, #12 and #15, Evening Route #20 Internal and #20 External, Express #102) is 350m, round 5 minutes walking there.

(2) Metro
Distance to Beijing South Railway Station, Line #4 is 1.2Km, 15 minutes walking there.

(3) Railway Station
Beijing South Railway Station
Distance is around 1.2Km, and 15 minutes walking there.

Beijing West Railway Station
Distance is around 8.9Km, and round 30 minutes riding there. Or after going out of railway station, take Express #102 to You An Men West Station(9 Stops), and go on walking 500 meters.

Beijing North Railway Station
Distance is around 11Km, and round 36 minutes riding there. Or after going out of railway station, walk to Yu Tao Yuan Station to take Special Route #12 External to You An Men West Station(7 Stops), and go on walking 500 meters.

Beijing Railway Station
Distance is around 11Km, and round 25 minutes riding there. Or after going out of railway station, take subway Line #2 to Chang Chun Street Station, and walk out from B1 Exit. Then go on walking 200 meters to Chang Chun Street Intersection North Station to take Route #88 to You An Men Station(8 Stops), and walk another 200 meters.

(4) Airport
Nan Yuan Airport
Distance is around 12Km, and round 32 minutes riding there. Or take airport express to Jia Yuan Er Li West Gate Station. Then take Route #88, #48 or #377 to You An Men Station(4 Stops), and walk another 150 meters.

Beijing Capital International Airport
Distance is around 38Km, and round 60 minutes riding there. Take airport express to Xi Dan(Civil Aviation Business Tower) Station. Then take cab to the hostel(8Km). Or walk to Xi Dan Square and take Route #88 to You An Men Station(12 Stops), and go on walking another 200 meters..

Located near

Together Youth Hostel is next to the Asia?s largest train station, the Beijing South Railway Station. Traffic here is much convenient, and several bus routes are outside the hostel. Whatever it?s an antique historic spot or a bustling business street, you may take a bus there rapidly and directly. It takes you eight-minute ride only to Beijing?s famous snack street, the Niu Street. It?s adjacent to the hostel and boasts longest history, and you may taste all authentic Beijing cuisine there, experiencing daily life of Beijing people. Taoranting Park and Grand Garden which are mentioned in ancient books are in the north over the river. You may stroll through the pavilion, discussing the past and present. Apart from this, shopping centers, 24-hour convenience store, and cafe are nearby the Together Youth Hostel, which enables you daily necessities. Starting from the Together Youth Hostel, it takes you 10 minutes to walk to Taoranting Park. Then, you may feel one poem which means friends gather together to toast upon home-brewed wine ready since autumn is over and chrysanthemum turns yellow. If willing to go far, you may take the subway Line #4. After several stops, you arrive at the West #4. Along the Hutong(alley), it takes a moment only to Shichahai. Or wake up early in the morning one day, and worship in the Peace Temple. Along the way, you may see restaurants which are run by veteran artists, and have delicious breakfast sold by them. Over the head , you may observe bolarious eaves and roof. Looking around, you may see Chinese ink painting, exquisitely colorful glaze, and jade pendent tree carved fossil pots. These sort of cute items reflect history of Beijing civil life. Or take Route #88 Bus to Niu Street. Go there from the North Entry, and then you may have Niangao cake, Jubaoyuan?s boiled meat, Muslim food and others. Walking along with round-circle street, you may stop here, and walk there, enjoying drinking and eating as you wish and tasting dainty food in the daily and pure life of Beijing.

Conditions & Policy

Age Restriction

1. Cancellation policy: At least 2 days advance notice for free cancellation. 2. Our check-in time is 1400 hrs in the afternoon, while the latest check-out time is 1200 hrs at the noon. A half-day room rate shall be charged if checking out during 1200 hrs to 1800 hrs, but a full-day room rate shall be charged if checking out after 1800hrs. 3. Payment upon arrival by cash and Card. 4. Age restriction: age region: 16~50. 5. Reception working hours: 24 hours. 6. We provide luggage deposit service and carry with valuables where you go. 7. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the hostel. 8. Visitors leave before 2230 hrs please. Please don't take up bed of other guest when visiting. 9. Please take good care of valuables. Do not place personal item at public area. We shall clear items at public area daily, and sort them out. 10. Please go to public area to take meals, and do not eat close to bed. 11. Please remain low voice or low volume during rest. Light shall be off in multiple bedded room at 0000 hrs. 12. Pet is not accepted in the hostel. 13. We offer a very clean bedding. In order to guarantee cleanliness and healthiness, customer who reserved multiple bedded room must cover bedding well when check in, and bring them to the counter when check out. It’s welcome for long-term tenants who bring their own bedding. 14. For others’ convenience, customers who check in multiple bedded room do not lock the bedroom door from inside.(It’s convenient to shut the door when you go in or out. Person who is bearer of room key can open it only. No worry.). 15. We provide eight-individual room, six-individual room and standard room. Rest room and bathing room are established separately in the rooms on the Third Floor.